List of Unusual Clocks

This is a list of 24 of the most unusual clocks I could find on the web. The most common pieces in this collection are simple computer programs, often based on javascript, that count time in weird ways. However the list covers everything from a giant arch clock that destroys itself, to a series of tiny but strange desk clocks

PVC Grinding Gear Clocks

gear clocks A plastic version of the grinding gear skeleton clocks, that looks a bit more durable than its fancier counterparts

Table Top Nautical Clocks

A beautiful, multicolored onyx stone desk clock, made to look like a boat at sea

Pin Clock

pin cushion clocks A digital clock with a twist, the numbers on the surface of this piece are recreated out of a push pin mesh every sixty seconds

Natural Onyx Stone Apple Desk Clocks

PebbleZ has just added a delightful little onyx stone apple desk clock to their collection

Amethyst Desk Clocks

An attractive and stylish desk clock made from real amethyst

Rainbow Stone Executive Desk Clocks

A hand carved natural sandstone desk clock, made from real imported Indian stone

Red Zebra Marble Sloping Desk Clocks

A tiny desk clock made from imported Pakistani marble and polished smooth

Fire Agate Gemstone Desk Clocks

A brilliant fire red gemstone desk clock, made from slices of natural agate

Rainbow Stone Executive Desk Clocks

A sharp looking executive desk clock hand carved from beautiful Indian sandstone