Alphabet Coasters Have Holes in Them

While these jumbled alphabet coasters are clever, they might be too clever, with holes in their surface that allow water to drip through

Drunken Defined Glass Beverage Coasters

Those novelty dictionary drunk drink coasters, with an elegant twist. Now, they are printed on glass coasters. Ooo la la

Recycled Drink Coasters From ScrapExchange

Some nice beverage coasters made from recycled wallpaper

Japanese Chiyogami Drink Coasters

Drink coasters made from a type of Japanese origami known as chiyogami

Puzzle Picture Coasters

Cork coasters with a picture, cut into segments, to create an interactive party novelty

Ugly Corduroy Tree Trunk Coasters

Some beverage coasters made from Corduroy that are designed to look like tree bark pieces.

Natural Gemstone Drink Coasters

Natural, semi precious gemstone drink coasters, now available from pebbleArt

Drink Coasters With A Little Extra

Anyone who has ever made chocolate milk knows that the messiest part, is the wet dripping spoon after you take it out of the cup. This coaster solves that problem by giving you a little extra room to place anything that might be messy.

Midnight Beyond Coasters From Mexico

A brief look at our new midnight beyond imported marble drink coasters

Introducing Coral Beige Marble Coasters

Introducing the coral beige, imported Mexican marble drink coasters. These are the newest addition to the extremely popular line of PebbleArt coaster decor.