Environmentally Friendly Drink Coasters

While you may not think about coasters when contemplating environmentalism, but there is a subtle powerful link between the two

Drink Coasters – The Second Mouse of the Computer Revolution

The drink coaster is a window of individuality which allows you to add color, beauty, and spirit to the cold hard processed world of computers and technology.

Are Disposable Drink Coasters Hurting The Environment?

Disposable drink coasters, though often biodegradable, are a symptom of a philosophical flaw in our culture. The idea that creating to consume and dispose can last is laughable, and can actually stunt our ability to innovate.

Create your own, custom, Beverage Coaster Display

A novel way to use custom drink coasters matched with a hardwood display holder to create your own custom piece of home decor

Coaster Holders Now Available…Finally!

PebbleArt announces the introduction of a line of stone drink coaster holders