Home Decor Sorted by Type of Stone

A look at our collections of home decor, sorted by the type of stone sued. we explore marble, alabaster, gemstone, and onyx home decor, and the different products found within each category

Quartz Gemstone Candle Holders

This is a quick look at the snow white quartz gemstone candle holders. This new product is crafted entirely from naturally translucent quartz, and they are built to hold a single tea light candle.

Power Decorating

This article discusses the various ways that you can add power, and energy to a space using a variety of decorative interior tricks

Patriotic Wall Decor Around The World

This is a short article which discusses patriotic wall decor, and its various applications around the world. The United States with ist fierce sense of National pride is often cited as one of the most prominent examples of a nation in love with patriotic decor, however every nationality in the world has some pride in their collective heritage and often products are produced which reflect these facts.

Types of Christian Wall Decor

This article explores some of the more common pieces of christian wall art. The most common piece is of course, the wall crucifix, although other popular items include icons, pictures of famous christian heroes, and inspirational signs

Ancient Egyptian Décor

This article explores some of the prevalent themes found in ancient Egyptian decor. This includes a look at some of the colors that can be used, as well as an overview of some of the common accessories found in this style.

French Café Decor

Few places are as inviting as a French café–a table for two, a glass of wine or a cocktail, and the opportunity for relaxed conversation, or even romance. It is no wonder, then, that many people try to achieve the special ambiance of the French café in their own homes.
Putting together a cozy yet [...]

African Safari Decor

This article talks about creating an African safari decor in your home. This process involves the use of real African handicrafts, as well as objects which resemble African themes, in order to add excitement and culture to your space.

20 Home Decorating Tips Submitted By Users

20 tips on decorating and home organization, which were submitted by our loyal readers. It is amazing to see the inspired creativity and the cleverness of these ideas.

Introducing Coral Beige Marble Coasters

Introducing the coral beige, imported Mexican marble drink coasters. These are the newest addition to the extremely popular line of PebbleArt coaster decor.