Our Various Sandstone Coasters

An overview of the various types of sandstone coasters that our product line boasts. We have both round and square, printed and unprinted pieces, in a variety of colors styles, and materials from around the world.

Rainbow Sandstone Drink Coasters

The highly absorbent natural rainbow sandstone coasters. Just about the most absorbent set of stone coasters that you can purchase.

Old World Palm Drink Coasters

A look into the old world palm absorbent beverage coasters. These attractive pieces are highly absorbent, printed, honed, and equipped with cork backing.

Cats Cats Cats Coasters

Introducing a delightful addition to our store, a set of sandstone drink coasters with the image of several cats, all piled onto the face of the piece. Attractive, humerous, and a great way to show your love of cats and the world of felines.