Coffee Tables – An Exercise in Size

A coffee table can be a great way to add function to a room. It provides a place to set drinks, snacks, and other accessories, or to stretch out books, play board games, or look at a map. It is a wide open surface, just waiting for you to use it in any way that [...]

Natural Slate Bistro Tables

A look at the La Grande natural slate bistro tables. these beautiful mosaic tables are crafted from slate, placed over a super light weight core, and then fitted into a nice border stone design. Available in your choice of size and shape.

The Advantages of Natural Stone Coffee Tables

A look at some of the unique design elements that are built into our entire line of natural stone mosaic tables.

Autumn Natural Stone Tables

A look at the autumn natural stone tables. Built from a variety of broken stones, and autumn shaped pieces, it is set in a soft autumn colored earth tone scheme.

Natural Stone Coffee Tables

An introduction to our unique new line of natural stone coffee tables. Mosaic mixed stone table tops, with matched natural stone bases in over 40 designs.

Custom Stone Tables

PebbleZ is now offering a service whereby they will create a totally custom stone coffee table from you out of a variety of stone materials