Stone Wall Clocks – An Overview

A brief look at our line of natural stone wall clocks.

Earth Tone Wall Clocks

Below you will find a selection of our unique, natural stone wall clocks, that consist of earth tone colors. Many natural stones have a variety of colors and patterns, which occur naturally in the surface. While these displays are unique to the individual piece of stone, we can follow certain “trends” in stones, which allows [...]

Buying A Clock

What do you think about when buying a clock? Are you more interested in utility or beauty? Is color important? Explore these questions and more in this article

Interesting Facts About Clocks

Some interesting clock facts that most people arent aware of

List of Unusual Clocks

This is a list of 24 of the most unusual clocks I could find on the web. The most common pieces in this collection are simple computer programs, often based on javascript, that count time in weird ways. However the list covers everything from a giant arch clock that destroys itself, to a series of tiny but strange desk clocks

Recycled Bike Chain Wall Clocks

An interesting wall clock made from recycled bike chain rings

Bits and Pieces and Cogs of Clocks

An interesting clock comprised of bits and pieces of metal discs, gears, and odd bits that somehow pull together to make a very inetersting rustic piece.

Mosaic Wall Clock From Ancient Rome

A beautiful wall clock made from an autumn mosaic pattern

Mirror Clock Reflects The Outer You

mirror clocks A mirror that uses projection technology to transmit a digital clock into the lower right hand side of the piece.

Sunburst Spokes Clock

rotation wall clocks A trippy spike star burst pattern wall clock, that kind of resembles a spider climbing up the wall