The Advantages of Natural Stone Coffee Tables

Our new line of natural stone mosaic tables are durable, stylish, one of a kind, and a unique accent inside or outside of any home. However they are also built with a number of clever design elements which makes them even more desirable. One of the great things about these designs is that they are all conceived of, as well as built and manufactured right here in the united states.

First of all I would like to talk about the super light weight cores that are built into the center of every piece. Most stone tables are built from a solid piece of stone. This makes the table extremely heavy. However our tables are built using a new super light space age material core, with stone mosaic chips then being place on top of this core. This keeps the density of the piece to a minimum, making it easier to move the tables around when necessary.

Another nice feature of these tables is the fact that they come in so many different sizes and shapes. Ranging from 24″ round or square, all of the way up to a 48″ X 84″ dining table, with a host of sizes in between, you will be certain to find the exact size that you need for your space. We can also produce custom pieces that will fit just about any size or shape configuration that you can imagine.

One nice option that was recently added was the ability to have an umbrella hole installed in the tables center. Since these are both indoor and outdoor pieces, having an umbrella hole is convenient, allowing you to enjoy the cool smooth feel of the natural stone, while relaxing in the shade.

Another option you have is to include an illuminated onyx ring around the outside of the piece. Onyx is one of the most beautiful materials in the world. It is also translucent, which means when you shine a light behind it, it can go through the stone, lighting up all of the hidden crystalline caverns which exist inside of the stone. This can even further enhance the already multicolored beauty of this semi precious stone.

While the tables do not come with bases, we do have a variety of matched stone table base designs available. There are five standard table base designs, and seven over sized table base designs. The term “base design” refers to the shape of the base. The actual pattern of the stone used on the veneer of the base can be matched to any table top pattern that you like.

With over 30 different table designs to choose from there is a stone arrangement for just about anyone. We are also happy to do custom work,. and can take most any of the stones from any of our products, and mix and match them to a custom design of your dreams.

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