The chaos of inspiration

Joey Lewitin

In a perfect world, everything would be the same. A perfect world would not have problems or evil, it would simply be perfect in every way, and everything would be that same perfection.

We don�t live in a perfect world. We live in a world full of chaos, where order is constantly being broken down. Our world is a writhing living mass of change.In many ways this makes life more difficult. However it gives us one key advantage over the perfect world. From out of the chaos, we can create new ideas.

In our world, we have the ability to rebuild and reform. Destruction is only half of the story, and in the other we can design the picture of our lives.

This gives us an enormous freedom. Using vision and imagination we can create new ideas, and concepts. We can dream way beyond the realms of our own world.

And then we can make our dreams come true.

It is the goal of each of us to use this creative vision, to design the world in our own colors. To add to the richness and beauty that is all around us.

To squander this gift, would be an insult on our very existences.

We are each artists. We create the greatest masterpiece of all each day just by living our lives. Make the art of living a colorful and unique expression.

This can be done in every act you perform during the day. Just by being a little more unique, a little more true to yourself, you can add something important to the tapestry of life. �

Its true, your vision matters. Your unique take, your perspective on the world, enriches us all.

That�s why you shouldn�t be afraid to be a little quirky. Give yourself the right to be different than everyone else.

And don�t be afraid to dream. You are never who you could be. You can always stretch yourself. You can always get better, do more, and even be better. You just have to give yourself a chance.

You are creating a unique story with every breath. What do you want to add to the world? How should your masterpiece look?

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