The Philosophy of Decorating Kids Rooms

Decorating is a way of exerting your influence over an environment. By influencing the environment, you are shaping the ambiance that will exist whenever things occur in that space. In this way, you are effecting interactions, relationships, and events, all through your decorative choices.

When decorating up your child’s room, the influence is even greater, because you are actually affecting the way that they are going to develop. Their mind, the way that they think and see the world, will develop in response to the world they see around them, a world which you will have partial control over.

Therefore, when planning this space, you should envision the various qualities you would like your child to possess, and then imagine ways to inspire them using the environment itself.

Organization is an easy one. Simply maintaining a tidy, and clean space will go a long way to instilling those sensibilities within the child’s psyche. Making the space easy, or even fun to clean and organize, will help to engage them in the actual organizational process. This can be done by making organization a game, using brightly colored bins, and fun containers that look like toys themselves. Organization should also be simple, so that they don’t even have to think about putting things away.

There are also a number of ways to use the environment to inspire their creativity. The walls of this space should be replete with pictures, posters, and shelves full of toys and projects. As far as the room itself, it should be clothed in interesting colors, wall paper with imaginative scenes or engaging patterns, doors, windowsills, and even flooring are all places where color can be added.

Other attributes can be encouraged in less subtle ways. A poster with a big cartoon doctor using an oversized stethoscope is all in good fun, but the picture may bury itself inside of your child’s subconscious, resulting in a doctor in the family a few years down the line. Similarly representation of astronauts, scientists, and great leaders are all ways to instill values into the very nature of the environment.

I am certain that you can all come up with about a million more ideas for instilling positive values into a child’s room. If you use any successfully, please let me know using the comment section below.

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