The Significance of Coasters

You enter a beautifully stylish, well decorated home. The couches are perfectly upholstered, the walls are tastefully adorned, and everything is lovely and pleasant. Your host generously offers you a beverage which you accept, and then after a hefty sip, you set the cold sweaty glass down on their priceless antique coffee table.

Splat, water damage. Now there is a ring, a ring of discourtesy, etched into the surface of the table. This wheel of water is insidious, and as it sits beneath the pressure from the glass, it works its way into the material of the table, permanently altering the wood, warping it, disfiguring the perfect beauty of the surface.

Even worse than that are the set of stylish drink coasters, sitting in a stand just next to the glass. They are almost mocking you, calling you rude, and standing in accusation as to the mess, the damage that you are creating in this exquisitely decorated home.

When a person goes to the trouble of purchasing a set of coasters, and setting them in their home, it means something. It is a clear indication that they care about details, and perfection. They are worried about the small picture as well as its effect on the big picture. And they want you to know it.

Further, coasters act as a kind of test as to the quality of your manners, and your personality. If someone goes to the trouble of displaying them, then it means they want to you to use them. Failure to do so, says something rather profound about you as a person. It shows a lack of respect, or at least obliviousness to others feelings. It also shows that you lack that same discernment for details that your host has already displayed.

However if you are the host, you can’t go out of your way to trick a guest, hiding your coasters in obscure locations, or blending them in too well with the rest of the homes décor. A set of coasters should stand out, a contrasted fixture in the space. They should be vibrant, noticeable, and easily available wherever someone would be likely to sit with a drink.

The act of placing a glass on a table can trigger several responses. If it is an expensive surface, most likely you will get a quick, embarrassing outburst from the owner. However, the more subtle will have different methods. Often all you will have to do is take and use a coaster yourself, and by setting this example, you will gently lead others to follow. If this fails, pointing out the coasters, talking about their style and color, can help to awaken the oblivious.

Drink coasters are all about caring for the details of a space. If you are the owner, you want to maintain the perfection of your home. If you are the guest, than the coasters are a kind of test, an impromptu personality quiz designed to reveal your own attention to detail, as well as your respect for the considerations of others.

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