Twisted Stone Candle Holders

rock candle holder

The gently curving design of these candle holders doesn’t look like it could be formed from powerful, unyielding stone. And yet, through the meticulous work of talented artisans the soft slope of these twisted candle holders has been hand wrought from natural African soapstone.

The surface of the stone consists of a natural pattern of contrasting white and pink hazes, which melt into one another to create a subdued visage. The glistening polish of the stone serves to add a refined elegance to the piece, which tames, if only slightly, the unyielding primitive power of the stone.

The candle holders are available in smaller 7″ and deluxe, 9″ models. The 7″ stone candle holders are $14.95 a piece
The larger 9″ stone candle holders are $16.95 a piece

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