Unity Stone Candle Holders

This candle holder comes from a very common piece of african art. The symbol of three people, joined together in a ring of unity, shapeless, faceless, just human and together, is commonly found in artwork done in the region. Here, the image has been used to cup a slender candle. As if the people are dancing a ring around a flame of hope, here the candle stands as a complement to the visage, and the idea of the piece.

This candle holder shares the same individual quality that all of our natural stone poroducts have, both from their natural formation, and from the artistic eye of the person who created them. It also has the same density and power, which comes from the stones chaotic birth deep within a mountain.

On PebbleZ.com you will see about 12 different pictures of various models of this candle holder, which should give you a good idea of the range of colors and styles that emerge within these creations. All of the pictures are thumbnailed, and should give you a pretty good view of the details of the piece.

The unity stone candle holder is now retailing for just $19.95 a piece

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