Welcome to Artist Minerva Stone

We have a new artist here at pebbleZ.com. He started off working as a fabricator, doing standard stone manufacturing and installations such as sinks, countertops etc. Pretty basic stuff. He had no idea that deep within, there was an artist lurking.

However, when he started to get a look at some of the decorative and artistic pieces we have designed using natural stone over the years, he got inspired. Suddenly, teh artist within him started waking up.

If you give someone with an artistic soul that has been bottled up for years the means, the tools, and the inspiration, it can be a very dangerous combination.

Suddenly, using the skills he had honed over the years doing natural stone instllations and masonry work, he started to create wall cocks, chess boards, coffee tabes, and a whole wealth of beautiful decorative items. He began carving symbols and patterns into the stone. He cut holes, he hacked, he sawed, and slowly he has built up a portfoliuo of incredible work.

If you saw this guy, you would never think that he was creating such delicate and subtle works of art. The man is well over 300 pounds, and it is all muscle. An ex marine he swears, tells dirty jokes, and looks like he could kill just about anyone he wanted to.

And yet within his mind there is a fire, a briliant spirit that yearns to be free, and I think it has finaly found a medium for true expression.

We are working fevorously to get some of these creations of his online for our customers. We have many of them sitting in our materials showroom and have already booked several large orders from distributors looking to resell them.

However the sheer quantity fo work he has produced is making it tough to get pictures and pages built around them. Every time we get a batch of photos taken and try to start sticking them online, he turns around and craetes another 3 wall clocks and a chess board.

Keep watcxhing our site, because as the pictures become available we will stick them online. We will also do our best to ensure that we keep this blog updated with pictures and information on all of his art.

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