Whimsical Garden Décor

The garden is a magical place with a special meaning in our culture. Alice fell down the rabbit hole while playing in a garden, the secret garden was another little girls doorway fantasy, and everyone knows about the pixies and fairies that live unseen in the most special and important gardens.

You can add to this delight by viewing your own garden with magical eyes. Let your imagination see what can never be, and let child like wonder tint your perspective on this oasis of the impossible.

Many people populate their gardens with gnomes, fairies, pixies, and other delightful creatures, who stand stone silent until no one is looking, and then, unseen, dash off to cause mischief. These creatures perpetuate the myth, and open the eyes of imagination, giving an alternative telling to the story of life.

Humor is another way to indulge in garden delight. Cut outs of elephants, or grandma bent over in the garden, lazy dwarves who have gone on strike, and overweight bull frogs surrounded by flies are just some of the enchanting characters you can use to add real personality to the space.

The use of clever signs such as “Gardeners Know the Best Dirt” and “Weeds 4 Sale — U-Pick” are another way to personalize your garden spaces.

One of the big decisions that you have to make about your whimsical garden décor, is whether you want to be subtle or obvious. Subtlety would require small touches, a tiny glass fairy here, a tastefully placed garden statue there. The point of subtlety is to create a garden that really feels like there could be real fairies in it; like there could be a magical adventure really lurking just around the next corner.

However subtlety is not for everyone, and those who find it boring can be absolutely outrageous. You can throw a party in your garden, with statues, colorful cutouts, and hanging fairies all grouped together in masses, showing off the full round of your imaginative spectrum.

However you decide to decorate, be sure not to forget about the beauty and magic in the world, which is so much more visible in the quiet eaves of a garden.

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  1. i really like setting up garden gnomes throughout my garden. It makes the place seem more magical and beautiful ina special sort of way

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