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Hand Carved Soapstone
Sold in Sets of 2
6" in Height

Imported Direct From Africa

Model: SoBokElph-01

The presence of real stone can have a powerful effect on the decor of a room. Connecting it with the natural world, it adds ineffable strength and dignity to the space.

These bookends are each hand carved, with their most intricate details reflecting the personal vision of their artist. The surface of the stone has been polished smooth, giving it a refined flavor which interacts with the unatmed nature of the natural material from which it is formed.

Every single carved sandstone book end we offer is unique, with its own one of a kind natural color patterns arising from the nature of the stone, as it was quarried. A wonderful way to organize your books in any room, or to start your own home library.

The strength these pieces lend to a room, is the inherent power that comes from their origin in the bellies of towering mountains. Birthed in chaos, and extracted by man, they bear the one of a kind features that only such a creation can design.

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