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Model: SoCanDoub6-01

In gentle, graceful lines, the two candlesticks rise together, to merge into a single unit. Like lovers coming together they twist in a silent dance as they slowly become one.

Hand carved from stone each piece is made unique both by the subtle interplay of colors which rise and fade throughout the surface of its natural exterior, and by the artistic eye of the skilled artisan that crafted it. This makes each and every double candlestick we offer a unique piece of artistic work, an individual collectible which cant be found in its exact form, anywhere else.

The natural beauty and power of the stone itself can lend a certain amount of passion to a space. Its presence creates a refreshing connection to the natural world, that can breathe new excitement into a room.

Perfect for romantic ambience, you can set them between you and your love as a subtle demonstration of how close you feel to them. You can even create an entire romantic atmosphere out of intimate gifts such as these, placed and arranged to allow her to experience them in a way which is much fuller than simply opening a box.

Hand Carved
Natural Soapstone
Holds Two Candles
6 Inches in Height

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