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Model: SoCanSplit9-01

Natural African stone is hand carved into the four slender pillars which rise up to greet the crown of this elegant candle holder. The stone itself is rich with character, rising and fading hues of color, and individual styles as expressed by their seperate artists.

Attractive and stylish these polished candlesticks would be at home adorning the most refined of dining tables, but can also nest cozily onto any kitchen windowsill. The inherent power they have due to their natural stone composition, also makes them dominant enough to fit into a garage or romantic basement. And as always, the best places for an attractive candle and holder are the places you relax, so you may want to consider them in a bedroom or living room scheme.

Even better in pairs, the unique characteristics of each candle holder compliments the appearance of the other, creating a unique composite.

Each one 100% Unique
Han Carved African Soapstone
9 Inches in Height
Buy in Pairs and Save!

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