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Model: SoCanLan-01

These impressive natural stone candle lanterns are hand carved from blocks of african stone by talented artists and craftsmen. The design features an open mouth which glows with a warm light when filled with a lit candle. Along the head of the piece are alos 4 diamond shaped windows, which allow the flickering flames to occassionally peak out on the world.

Impressive hand made works of art, these cande lanterns are most attractive when paired with a lit flame, whose fiery colors lick the inside of the lantern, casuing it to glow with natural beauty. Sized perfectly for a tea candle, they can also accomodate sightly larger pillars if desired. The top of the lantern is also open, alowing smoke to vent so the piece doesnt overheat.

With a warm rich earthen color, these stone lanterns evoke a feeling of family, and remind us of home and loved ones, and they are often used in kitchens for just that reason.

These candle lanterns would really be perfect in just about any room. The fact that they can be either hung or placed makes their position highly flexible.

Hand Carved African Soapstone
100% Unique Every Time
Hang Them, or Place Them
6 Opening for Venting Heat

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candle lanterns
candle lanterns
candle lanterns