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Model: SoCanTwi7-01

While these natural candle holders are elegant, with a simple design, and a refined polished surface, they also have an intensity to them. Drawn from their birth within mighty mountain ranges, the rustic stone material from which it is formed lends each of these a tremendouse power, which can make draw the attention of an entire room.

Each one of these candle holders is also made unique, both due to the inherent natural characteristisc which arise within the stone naturally, and due to the hand carved artistic nature of the pieces. This means that every twisted candle holder we offer is a one of a kind, unable to be exactly reproduced anywhere else in the world.

Purchasing a set of two saves you money, and allows you to contrast the unique characteristics of each off of one another. It alos creates a rather impressive display, suitable for window sills or dining room tables.

Totally Unique
Hand Carved and Polished
7 Inches in Height
Made From African Soapstone

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