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Model: SoCanTwi9-01

These tall and stately candle holders are carved from an elegant african stone. The gently flowing curves which trace their way up the base of the piece were all crafted into the raw material by hand, and the unique flavor of each individual holder reflects the personality of its maker.

The polished surface of the stone is rich with subtle colors, which rise and fall within its subdued face to add character to each piece.

Perfect on counters and windowsils, they are also appropriate adorning elegant dining tabes, or an armoire in the evening. Place them above a mantel to compliment a roaring fire, or
on a coffee table to create intimate flickering ambient light.

Benefits can be achieved by placing these candlehoders in many places throughout the home. Even when not in use with a cande, they are attractive and interesting conversation pieces. However when you place a candle within them, you have the option to instantly transform the space into an intimate conversation nook, or a romantic getaway.

9 Inches in Height
Hand Carved and Unique
African Soapstone
Protective Wax Drip Plate

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