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Model: SoCanUni-01

United figures dance in joyouse harmony, creating a ring of love which rises up, crowned by the flickering flame of the candle centerpiece. This holder evokes a sense of hope, implying a chance at illusive harmony, and the peace that it might bring.

Hand carved from natural african stone, these candle holders truly refect the vision of the artist that crafted them. Every curve and line in each piece is a decision, revealing the subtle perceptions of the hand that formed it.

The nature of the stone itself makes these candle holders even more unique, with patterns of color emerging in random streaks throughout its surface. Polished smooth, the elegant finish of the holder can only barely contain the natural joy which exudes these pieces.

A great gift for friends or romantic interests, this candle holder is a symbol of togetherness and the powerful good that it can evoke.

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