American Jewish World Service
Sending humanitarian aid to the people affected by
the Tsunami.
American Red Cross
International Response Fund.
Tsunami Relief  
Asia Quake Tsunamis Kill Thousands Give
Emergency Aid.
Help Tsunami Victims  
Millions left homeless and starving Donate today to
provide relief.
As the oldest of 37 national committees for
UNICEF throughout the world, the mission of the
U.S. Fund for UNICEF is to promote the survival,
protection, and development of all children
worldwide through fundraising, advocacy, and
Catholic Relief Service
Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 by
the Catholic Bishops of the United States to assist
the poor and disadvantaged outside the United
MADRE was founded in 1983 by women who
understood that U.S. policies have a profound
impact on women and their families throughout the
world and believed that people in the U.S. have the
responsibility to address the often negative
repercussions of those policies and demand justice
for affected populations.
American Red Cross -
Governed by volunteers and supported by
community donations, the American Red Cross is a
nationwide network of more than 900 chapters and
Blood Services regions dedicated to saving lives
and helping people prevent, prepare for and
respond to emergencies.
CARE International's mission is to serve individuals
and families in the poorest communities in the world.
Drawing strength from our global diversity,
resources and experience, we promote innovative
solutions and are advocates for global responsibility.
We facilitate lasting change by:
Since its founding in 1982, AmeriCares has
provided more than $3.5 billion of short-term and
long-term assistance to more than 137 countries.
When a country is faced with hardship as a result of
hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or terrorist attacks,
AmeriCares responds immediately with life-saving
relief assistance and continues its support as long as
there is a need.

Tsunami Charities
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