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Our company is happy to accept both credit cards and online checks, as well as debit card payments using our third party vendor 2Checkout.com. We also accept PayPal payments, and credit cards via PayPal.

2Checkout is a reputable independent company that specializes in the handling of secure payments online. To see more information about this company go to http://2checkout.com/aboutus.htm

Paypal has been the largest company on the internet to accept and process payments for years. An Ebay company, their reputation for safety and security is unmatched.

Both companies feature secure ssl encryption and a thorough fraud prevention service. We don't make further information about the security measures they use public because that might help hackers or other malicious groups to get around the system. We can say that 2checkout offers third party independent mediation between our company PebbleArt and our customers in the case of any disagreement that may arise. Paypal can also work with you in the case of any disagreement that may arise

If you are unsure about entering information into a computer, we can accept written checks mailed to us. If this is your preferred method of payment, then email us with the check number, the exact item you want, your name, a valid telephone number, and a valid email address. This information is necessary in case we need to verify the item you want, and will be destroyed at the end of your purchase. Checks must clear before any item is shipped. Money orders are acceptable using the same methods.

Payment types are made on the payment page after clicking the buy now button but before payment is processed. For help making a purchase you can email us at info@pebblez.com, or request a phone number so that a salesperson can help you directly.

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