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Natural Turkish Travertine
12" X 12" X 6"

Retail Price 39.95

Coffee stone is a subdued natural Travertine which is quarried in the mountains of Turkey. Its surface is a soft mix of tans and earth tones, which flow across the face of the clock in soft, subtle waves, like sandy clouds alighting upon one another to create subdued yet complex patterns.

The stone itself is formed over the course of millions of years buried beneath a towering range of mountains. When it is extracted it is raw, unfinished, and quarried in huge chunks which then have to be sliced, cut, gauged, and refined into the pieces that you see here.

While every mantel clock that we offer is unique due to the features found in the surface of the natural stone, the coffee Travertine material doesn't vary that widely, ensuring that you know what you are getting when you make a purchase.

Set on a black hardwood display stand, and available with your choice of customizable clock faces.

Handmade - ships in 1-2 weeks


Retail Price 39.95

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