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Natural Slate From The Himalayan Mountains
12" X 12" X 6"

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Shimmering hues of silver shine, graced by the light of the room to softly glow like a hidden treasure trove buried within the surface of this powerful mountain born stone. And yet this powerful countenance is enhanced by grazing gasps of gold and green, which appear like cloud bursts giving the surface of these clocks a sense of whimsy and energy which combines with the stoid backdrop to create an interplay of exuberance and dignity.

Born in the belly of an Indian mountain range these attractive stones are formed over the course of millions of years. The colors and patterns found within the surface of the clock represent the various materials that were present as it formed, slowly pushed and worked and merged and crushed by the weight of the entire mountain until it formed the stone you see before you.

Quarried by human ingenuity the stone that came to light was rough, unhewn, a stormy rock wrestled from the earth. It was only after being refined, cut, sliced, chopped, and gauged, that it could take on the full beauty that you see in the pictures on this page.

This process serves to form materials which are entirely unique, and every Green Gold mantle clock that we sell is a one of a kind, unlike any other in the entire world. This unique expression can then be further customized by allowing you to add your choice of faces, allowing you to make this piece truly your own.

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Retail Price 39.95

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