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Natural Turkish Travertine
12" X 12" X 6"

Retail Price 39.95

A mountainous expression of colors and hues washes across the surface of these attractive natural stone mantel clocks, a dichotomy of contrasting tones washing through in streams of white and gold, tan and brown. It's almost as if you are looking into an alien landscape, the surface of some foreign world, a mysterious landscape of strange hues and unique patterns.

Every individual instance of these moonstone mantel clocks is a completely unique, one of a kind expression of natural art and beauty. These are made by the earth, and it is only human design that has refined them down, allowing the true inherent beauty of the material to surface.

Our mantel clocks are fully customizable, allowing you to add your own taste to the unique surface of natural stone, by choosing a custom face for your clock. They also come with a black hardwood backing stand in order to display the beauty of the piece.

Handmade - ships in 1-2 weeks


Retail Price 39.95

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