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Indian Quartzitic Slate
12" X 12" X 6"

Retail Price 39.95

A silver, gray toned blush of hues, a wash of glimmering light tickled colors, coupled with the softest graze of sloping textural features to give these clocks a luminescense which makes them almost shimmer. This effect is furthered by the sharp contrast of dark on light tones which gives the surface of the material a sense of energy, hidden just beneath its stony surface.

As you gaze at the pictures of various models found to the right you will notice that the natural features in the stone are different in almost all of them. This is because the formation of every single stone insert is unique, causing it to develop in a slightly different, one of a kind way. This ensures that the clock you receive will be unlike any other in the world.

The clocks are built with a hardwood backing stand which allows them to be settled on any mantel or shelving arrangement that you might desire. They also come with customizable face options which allow you to pick and choose the perfect look for your timepiece.

Handmade - ships in 1-2 weeks


Retail Price 39.95

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