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Indian Quartzitic Slate
12" X 12"

Retail Price 29.95

Trails of grey emerge from beyond the inky curtain, their shining faces glowing like wisps against the infinite black of night. Contrasting with their darker companion tones, the silvery streaks frame the patterns in the clock, giving a striking substance to the dimensional nature of each piece.

Made from natural quartzitic slate, the patterns of light and dark will be different on every wall clock we sell, naturally ensuring that any clock you purchase from us wil be entirely one of a kind and unlike any piece found anywhere else in the world.

Once you have selected your favorite stone, you get to further customize your piece by choosing the type of face, and the alignment of the clock, allowing you to put a personal touch on your order.

Handmade - ships in 1-2 weeks


Retail Price 29.95

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