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The natural stone tables pictured on this site are all manufactured from the highest quality materials right here in the United States. These tables are custom built at the time that you place your order, and are built to your exact size and shape specifications.

If there is a specific size, shape, or color combination that you are interested in, and which you don't see on this site, let us know. There is a good chance that we can custom manufacture the exact table that you want using our supply of high quality natural stone mosaic pieces.

Contact Us at Info@PebbleZ.com For More Information

Custom Lighted Onyx Stone Tables

We are now able to offer our entire line of natural stone tables with an optional illuminated onyx ring looped around the outside border of the piece. This border consists of real, jewelry grade onyx, illuminated from below to create a stunning glowing effect.

To add an illuminated ring to the outside of any of our table tops simply navigate to the page of the table top that you like, and scroll down below the illuminated image.

natural stone tables

illuminated onyx tables

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