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Natural stone is an elegant yet powerful material which is born deep beneath the earth, and extracted from the side of mountains. During its formation it takes on unique features and characteristics, colors and patterns emerge in its surface which give each piece a one of a kind personality. In our natural stone products, this individuality is refined, honed, carved, and enhanced. The result is a line of home furnishings which are elegant and sophisticated, while still retaining the inherent power of real stone.

Many of the products shown below are original PebbleArt Designs. Created by our team of highly skilled, artistic stone fabricators, these represent the cutting edge in natural design.Other products include several lines of imported natural stone goods. These include decorative items from India, Africa, China, and around the world. We are the direct importer and source for many of these products, and most can not be found anywhere else in the United States.

Many times in the modern world we feel isolated from nature. Sourounded all day by plastic and steel, we lose a subtle connection to reality. This makes us less than we once were, it robs us of that primal spirit that has driven the great works of mankind throughout history.

Natural stone is one way to rebel against this isolation. Born within the earth and ripped from the side of a mountain, this material has a fierec power. It invigorates the spirit, making you more vibrant, and more dynamic. It reconnects you with nature, giving you access once again to the primal roar that burst from our ancestors lips.

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