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Imported From Kenya, Africa

Model: SoGlsElph-01

Each of the natural stone coffee mugs that we offer is made unique by two factors.

First, the stone from which these coffee mugs are carved is totally natural soapstone, which forms under chatoic conditions deep within the bellies of mountains. During its formation, certain veins of color can develop along dimensional lines through the material. These colors make every single piece of soapstone which is quarried a one of a kind work of natural art. When the material is crafted into coffee mugs and other items, it retains this unique quality, making the finished piece unlike any other in the world.

Second, these coffee mugs are hand carved by talented african artisans. Every line and curve in the surface of the mug is a unique expression of that individuals take on the world. This adds to the one of a kind nature of each mug that we sell.

These factors combine to ensure that the coffee mug you recieve will be unike anything anyone else has. It will be a special piece, unique to your collection, and speaking to your own individual style.

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