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Hand Carved From African Stone
The Village King Stands 3" in Height
Your Choice Of Matching Stone Chess Board

Though they stand in stoic silence, when you peer into their eyes you can almost hear a whisper, gently spoken and drifting on the wind. Such is the unique detail that is carved into the faces of these stone chess pieces.

If you look cosely you will see that no two pieces are exactly alike, they each bear distinct qualities and features. The natural stone, born deep within the earth, has subtle patterns and colors which reform within the surface of every piece. This unique quality is defined and refined by the vision of the artist that carves them, giving them even more personality as they breathe life into them.

Made from real, imported African stone, the design of this set retains the flavor of its homeland, with an exotic and exciting feel.

We have a wide variety of natural stone chess boards, in several colors, styles, and types of stone, which you can use to complete your set.

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