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The inherent properties of natural stone tiles make them a perfect fit for most bathroom renovations. They are durable, resistant to wear and stains, they come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and there are many different types of stone available. The fact that it is a natural material helps to create a connection between your home and the outside world, and with the many options it makes available to your project, natural stone can allow you to carve a custom look into its natural beauty, and apply it to create a bathroom which is totally unique. However, there are many things you have to consider when choosing to utilize natural stone in a renovation.

Types of Stone

Slate - A very durable stone with a natural, untamed beauty, slate is highly recommended for bathroom applications. It is easy to clean, and with a little maintenance you can make it almost completely impervious to stains. Slate is available in a wide variety of colors. There are also multicolored slates which have two or more hues, warring with one another in landscape formations across the surface of the tiles. These stones are each one of a kind and the formations in every tiles surface are different from every other. Slate also has a rough texture, making even honed slate non slippery.

Quartzite - One of the hardest and most resilient stones available, quartzite's colors range from repeating sequential patterns to multicolored unique formations, depending on the type of quartzite which is used. This stone is good in a bathroom because of its durability, its resistance to stains and water penetration, and the fact that its texture makes it non-slippery

Limestone and Travertine - These two stones both have similar properties, being softer and more permeable then slate or granite. They generally have an earthier quality to their color, which some people find very pleasing in a bathroom setting. The patterns that emerge in these stones, while unique, are more repetitive than in multicolors, and so the range of any given color of stone is more subdued. This material is appropriate for bathroom use, however it is not as good at resisting stains, nor is it as durable, as the two mentioned above.

Sandstone - A material marked by its gentle texture, and its soft earthen colors, sandstone is an elegant choice for a bathroom. The only major consideration is that it is a soft and permeable stone, so in order to prevent stains a chemical treatment will have to be applied on a semi regular basis.

Marble - This classic stone has been the look of elegance for centuries. Known for its dramatic color and a surface which polishes to a high shine, this stone can create an outstanding effect in your bathroom. However there are some considerations to take into account before choosing marble for this room. First the high polish which looks so elegant is also very slippery, especially when it gets wet. Marble is also a relatively delicate stone which can be prone to chipping. Finally marble is a chemical base, and if it is not treated, it will stain badly if it comes in contact with any chemical acids, such as certain soaps and shampoos.


When choosing a natural stone it is important to get an idea for how far the color ranges. Some stones are very standard, with just one color that is basically the same in every tile. Some have a standard pattern, where groups of colors repeat across each tile in different ways, but overall look the same in each. Then you have some stones where the color and formations are unique in each and every tile, and where two boxes of the same stone can look like two entirely different materials. Each type of coloring has positive aspects, but it is important to know the nature of the stone, before you choose it for installation.

Different colors affect people's psyches in various ways, and the color of the tiles you choose will have a major impact on the atmosphere of the space. Before you decide on a color, think about what you want the ambiance of the room to be. You probably don't want excited colors such as red's, oranges, and pinks in this space as they will tend elicit a violent, and agitated feeling. More subdued tones such as green's and blues will do the opposite, calming the room's inhabitants and imbuing it with a gentle peace. Earth tones create a warm and inviting ambiance, whereas black can give a room a gloomy countenance.

You can also consider combining colors to balance their effects. For instance a violently vibrant orange can be subdued by a deep and gentle blue, which will create a color scheme which is exciting, but not irritating. In the same way black can be balanced out quite easily with white, creating a checkerboard look which is refreshing and cool, while still maintaining an element of the wild.


Stone tiles are often purchased in two or three colors in order to create patterns. The most basic of these is the checkerboard mentioned above although there are an infinite number of ways to organize your tiles to create some truly stunning effects. You can create patterns of stars or diamonds, or border one color with another, or create rows and columns. However the more elaborate your design, the more you are going to spend in materials, and the harder it will be to implement. If you are installing the tiles yourselves you should always work from a template. If the pattern is being installed for you make certain that you know exactly what it is going to look like, and try to lay it out for yourself on a dry surface to be certain that it is the look you want.


Stones can have many different kinds of texture. Some of these include clefted, which is a rough natural texture, polished, which is smooth and shining, honed, which is flat but does not have a sheen, and sandblasted, which gives flat stones a slight texture. When choosing a finish for the stone in your bathroom, it is important to think about the utility of the room. The floor is going to get wet. If it is a polished stone in the floor, then it is going to be very slippery. The rougher the stone, the more tactile it will be, and the safer it will be when wet. Other considerations include durability. Polished and honed stones scratch very easily, while clefted and sandblasted ones are more resistant to damage, and hide it better.


Installation of any stone requires some chemical sealant be applied to clog its pores and prevent moisture from seeping into it. However some kinds of stone require more of this treatment, and or regular renewal of it.

Slate is by far the easiest stone to maintain. It is resistant to water, and stains, it hides dirt in its mottled surface, and it can withstand more abuse then almost any other. It is also easy to make it water safe, with just one or two applications of a chemical sealer, and a pore clogging finish. Quartzite is even stronger then slate, and is almost as good at hiding stains. Travertine, limestone, and sandstone, are all going to require regular maintenance to keep their pores clogged, so that water and stains cannot permeate their surfaces.

Natural stone can greatly enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. It is an inexpensive material, with unique properties, high durability and resistance, and a wide array of options for customizing your particular project. As long as you pay attention to the various properties of the stones, and choose one which is a good fit for you, natural stone can be an important component in the creation of your perfect bathroom setting.

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