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A persons creativity is the limit of their world, and the further their mind can reach into the impossible, the further they will be able to travel in life. Children have incredible imaginations, and this is a trait that should be encouraged as much as possible. One way to do this is by letting them interact with their environemnt, through the use of construction paper room decor.

Construction paper is a marvelouse invention. Being slightly stronger then regular paper actually makes it easier to cut a defined shape out of it, and it is available in a wide variety of colors. It can be bent or torn into almost any shape, it easily attaches to walls with a little bit of tape, and its so inexpensive that if something comes out wrong you can throw it away and try again. Using this material, it is possible for you and your child to collaborate on creating an entire world of dreams, right on the walls of their bedroom.

Construction paper room decor doesnt have to have a defined plan. It can start as simply as taping some of the childs works of art to their wall. By displaying these, you will be encouraging their artistic abilities, and by hanging it in their own environment you will be contsantly reinforcing their creativity.

As time progresses, the wall hangings can get more elaborate, by encouraging your child to draw characters and objects and then helping them to cut them out. These individual objects and people can then be arranged in complimentary scenes across the canvas wall. You can place a princess in a high tower, and then have a cut out knight save her, or even let the child use their actuall dolls to come and interact with the wall. At this point you have an endless number of possibilities for rearanging characters and objects throughout the room.

If you want to get really elaborate, you can use the paper to form 3D objects such as free standing plants or cut outs. Simply roll the paper into rolls, and use cardboard props to support them from behind, or tape the whole 3d objects to the wall itself. You can also create construction paper vines which stretch from cieling to wall.

Using this method it is possible to create within the childs environment, practically any world imagineable, from the depths of space to a land of underwater adventure. Best of all if either of you get tired of the look of the room, you can always tear it down and start over, since its only paper.

By using your imagination, and a little construiction paper, it is possible for you and your child to create the room of their dreams. In working together you will increase the bond between you, and grow to learn more about each other. Further you will be encouraging the childs imagination and confidence, by allowing them to help with the creative process. In this way, kids construction paper room decor can greatly enhance your childs experience in their environment.


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