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These tiny basket tables are the perfect pieces for any kitchen. Small enough to place in a corner, they can be used to hold decorative vases, and other accent pieces. However, they are also highly functional, with a basket design that prevents things from falling out. The basket top can also be REMOVED, allowing you to use it as a serving tray or dish.

What a unique kitchen table! The base is a tangled forrest of bamboo shoots, rising up to hold a midnight black table top. Long and narrow, this piece can easily be slid against a wall, out of the flow of foot traffic in the kitchen

This home bar unit provides a versatile array of oppertunities. It can be folded up and rolled into a corner when you need all of the foot room you can get. Then, when preperations are done and its time to party, you can simply roll it out and fold out its wings, and suddenly you have a hip and sophisticated home bar right in your home.

Crafted from Abbaca twist and dried Seagrass this small kitchen side table is a rustic, natural accent point for any kitchen. You can easily push it into a corner out of the way, or pull it out to create an attractive breakfast nook.


Sleek and sophisticated this bar table rises up to a crest, whose shimmering surface reflects the light from the surrounding room. Unassuming at 23" in diameter, the height can be raised or lowered by 10"