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Decorating a child's room should be a fun experience that allows you to use the full range of your imaginative abilities.

One of the best things about decorating your childs room is that it gives you an excuse to open a dialogue with them about who they are. By asking questions and talking to them about what they want their room to look and feel like, you will develop a better understanding of who they are as people.

If possible you should gte the child to help out with the decorating. This will not only ensure that the room is a place where they are comfortable, but can also be a wonderful bonding experience.

Cleaning and Organization

The easier it is to keep the room clean, the cleaner it will remain. This can be accomplished by making the organization of the space as simple as possible. Use a few large bins for toy storage rather than a lot of little ones, so that cleaning up is just a matter of throwing everythiong into a single spot.

Make cleaning fun by decorating the storage bins with brightly colored paper or drawings. Wrapping stoprage bins in gift wrap can make clean up time seem as fun as unwrapping a present.

Childs Room Themes

Themes are an easy and commonly used technique for decorating a child's room, that can actually encourage their creativity and imaginations. Some childs room themes include

- Outer Space

- Under water

- Pirates

- Midevil Times

- Animals in the Zoo

- The Jungle

- Up in the sky

Another simple way to decorate a childs room is to use their own toys. Planes and spaceships can be hung from the cieling, figurines can be posed in a decorative display, and treasured collectibles can adorn the walls.

The decoration of a childs room should be a chance to play, and remember what it was like to be a child yourself. It should also be a way to help build the relationship between you and your child, allowing you to get to know one another better, while creating lasting memories.