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Nestled in our imaginations, Dragons are a shadow that looms across the backdrop of our minds. Taking the tales of myth and legend as a springboard the authors of many books have developed entirely new and novel ways of looking at, and thinking about, the dragon. Dragons who manage their way into popular literature often find instantaneouse fame brought to their name, and a lasting respect from the puplace in general.

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"The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien

In middle earth, there are two major forms of Dragons. The type of Dragon that can breathe fire is called a Fire Drake. Smaug, was the last of this kind of Dragon in Middle Earth.

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In the Third Age in the year 2770 Smaug attacked the lonely mountain, home of the dwarves of Erebor. He destroyed the dwarf kingdom, the nearby town of dale, and claimed the huge traesure buried in the dwarves mountain for himself. Luckily The king under the mountain, as well as his son Thorin, and severalk other dwarf nobels and warrioirs were able to escape.

His destruction of the dwarf kingdom crippled the entire area, and drove a wedge between the free creatures who lived to the west and the east of the misty mountains. This worked to the advantage of Sauron, the evil lord of Middle Earth, when he returned from his defeat at the hands of the alliance of elves and men. It was Smaugs domination of the area that allowed him to sneak into nearby Mirkwood Forrest and begin to drive a wedge between the Elves, the Humans, and the Dwarf people of the area.

Largely to contest this attack on the center of the free lands of middle earth, Gandalf the Grey, in conjunction with Saruman the White, began to become involved in the area. Gandlaf brought together a team of dwarves and one hobbit led by Thorin, the king under the mountain, to retake the mountain. Leading them as far as Mirkwood, Gandalf then left them to journey to the mlountain while he went to meet Saruman and help him attack Sauron and remove him from Mirkwood.

Meanwhile the dwarves reached the mountain, but their attempts to recover their treasure led to the awakening of Smaug. The Dragon then proceaded to attack the small, rebuilt town of dale. This attack forced Brand, a man of the town, to face down the dragon and eventually slay it with an arrow.

Smaug fell to the bottom of the water surrounding Dale. The gold and gems that had gotten stuck in his skin gleamed so brightly that they could be seen from the bottom of the water. He was the last of the fire drakes, and one of the most terrifying dragons in history.

"Harry Potter and sorcerers stone" by J.K. Rowling

Norbert is a Norweigian Ridgeback. This is a Northern Dragon with fire breathing abilities that lives primarily in the wizarding world where Harry Potter resides. He was a green dragon that was hatched by Hagrid, the groundskeeper of Hogwarts College.

Norbert was part of a plot by proffessor Quirrel of Hogwarts school, to gain information from Hagrid about the traps guarding the philosopher stone that was hidden in Hogwarts. The attempt was successful, and Hagrid let slip that the large three headed dragon, Fluffy, that guarded the stairs could be lulled by music.

Norbert was sent away to Romania, as arranged by Charlie Weasley, when a nasty boy at the school threatened to reveal Hagrids secret.

The wizards in this world live amongst us, in complete concealment from the Muggle, non magical humans. They also conceal all magical creatures such as dragons. The concealment of dragons, especially ina world where dragons are not amiable to humans, must be a massive undertaking. Apparently there are a whole bread of wizards who train to dragon handle, and tehn move to far northern reaches where fire breathing would comne in handy. Many concealment and memory spells must be used to keep the existence of such fierec creatures from regular humans.

The only reason to go to such lengths must be that there is something intrinsically magical about these creatures, which would give magic away to the regular humans sience, that causes them to conceal these creatures. If not, they could simply let the dragons be, and let the humans handle them as regular creatures. The other alternative is that dragons are too dangerous to leave to muggles as it would result in the end of one or the other creatures existences. In such a world of tensions between freadom and concealment, we find the air of mystery hightened by such an interplay of settings.

The Dragons of Pern
Appearances: The Pern Series
by Anne McCaffrey

A species of dragon that resides on the world of pern. They developed evolutionarily as the antithesis to the strand phenomena that occurs on Pern. The Threads are white thin strings that fall from the sky and burn like acid through anything they touch. In order to stand against this the dragons developed tough outer skin, flight, fire breathing, and teleportational abilities, as well as telepoathis and hightened senses.
These dragons come classed by their color. Gold Dragons are the queen mothers, and red dragons are the fiercest fighters. Green and bronze dragons are smaller, but more spritely in their movements.
When one of these dragons is born they form a bond with the first creature they see. This was used to teh advantage of the first human settlers of peren, who bonded these dragons, then used them to protect their homes from Thread attacks. The bond between humans and dragons grew over the years and they remain in a state of symbiosis in many ways. Generally living in mountains, the humans who ride these dragons have built their hiomes into caves in the mountain homes.


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