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With the discovery of science and the creation of new media, dragons have never been so famous. Many dragon actors have stepped up to play the role of famous dragons from the past, and others to play themselves in new and unusual stories. Some of the media includes movies, music, and tv shows.

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The Dragon Of Merlin

Appearance: Excalibur (movie)

The surname Paendragon, was probably taken from the dragon battle emblems of the romans, and was used by many English kings, starting supposedly with King Arthur. In the artsy 60's movie, Excalibur, Merlin the wizard derived his powers from a dragon that he would call upon if he had to perform a spell or rite. This was a symbolic way of showing the power of the ancient world and its use in the (then) present.


Appearance: the jacky chan adventures (cartoon)

Xiandu is an evil demon/ dragon that seeks to conquer the world using items of magical power, in the animated series the Jacky Chan Adventures

Xiandu derives his power from 12 talismans, that correspond to the 12 signs of the chinese zodiac. Using these talismans he speaks always to break the barrier between this world and the world of demons, flooding our universe with malevolent monsters.


Puff the Magic Dragon

appearance: puff the magic dragon (song)

This dragon lives on the shores of Hannalee where he rollicks a lot. He is, like many of the other media dragons, very friendly, especially with children. His friendship with Jacky Paper in the sixties was so well known and revered that it was put into song and later made into an animated show. He derived his name, Puff, from the smoke that all dragons breathe out. However unlike many other dragons he is more smoke then fire, making him a very special dragon


appearance: Pete's Dragon (movie)

This disappearing dragon is as annoying as he is cuddly. Most famous for his appearance in a Disney film, he is known for befriending small children when they most need him.

Thought by some to be no more then an imaginary friend our team of dragon researchers tracked him down and got this comment from him on the matter


appearance: the hobbit animated movie

For more information on this dragon see our famous dragons from books page that can be reached from the links at the pages head


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