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There are many different classifications of dragons. Due to the powerful, dangerous, and often cunning natures of these animals, it is difficult to even get a glimpse of most dragons, not along categorize them into various subdivisions. The information here is merely hypothetical, based upon witness accounts that have been recorded over the centuries

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Elemental Dragons

Dragons are often tied into the elements of where they live. This close association with the world around them has led many to categorize dragons into elemental species differentiations.

The most common elemental dragons are the water dragons, the earth dragons, the sky dragons and the fire dragons. These represent the basic four elements of the ancient world, and so are the mnost likely dragons to be perceived by those ancient humans. There are also on occasion silver and gold dragons, as well as steel dragons.


Color Dragons

Many times you can tell the type of dragon you are dealing with by the color of its scales

Gold Dragon: very wise, very smart, generally benign. Often found in china. Commonly also good with magic and other arcane skills

Red Dragon: vicious angry, eating machine that breathes fire. This is the most dangerous dragon you can encounter so watch out for them