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Basemenet Decorating Ideas

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Basic Basement Decorating Ideas
Strategic Basement Lighting
Rustic Basement Decorating

Romantic Basement Decorating


- Use a lot of illumination to banish gloom and make the space inviting

- Use a lack of illumination to hide unsightly or unfinished areas

- A rustic theme allows you to integrate rough areas

- Be certain to check your water levels to avoid flooding damage

- Concrete paint, or even cloth drapings can fix up unattractive walls inexpensively

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Decorating Articles
Basic kitchen Decorating Ideas
Psychology of Colors in Kitchens
Philosophy of Color in Kitchens
Rustic Kitchen Decorating
Small Kitchen Tables Part 1
Small Kitchen Tables Part 2

- Certain colors such as brown earth tones will make the room more inviting


- Colors such as red and orange will make people in the space hungry

- Black is a very hot color which can absorb heat in the kitchen, making the space too warm


- Be certain to use materials which wont stain and dont react to acids

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Articles

Basic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Natural Stone in the Bathroom

- Use attractive functional items to save space

- The walls are a free canvas upon which to put paintings, wall clocks, posters, or whatever you like

- Slip resistant flooring should always be used ion this wet space. Slippery flooring should at least be reinforced by a throw rug

Kids Room Decorating Ideas

Articles on Decorating Kids Room's
Basic Kid's Room Decorating Ideas
Organization and Inspiration
Kids Construction Paper Room Decor

- Let the child participate in planning and implementing a design

- Use the experience as a way to bond with the child and get to know them

- Make things as simple as possible so its easy to keep it clean

- Dress up storage containers to make them fun and exciting

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Laundry Room Decorating Articles

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas


- Use the walls to decorate where floor space is limited

- Music or even a flat panel tv can provide distraction while working

- Use other rooms to supplement the space in the laundry room

- Make sure there is plenty of lighting so you can see stains

- Use bright cheerful colors to make the room seem more open.

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