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Part 1
Historic Interior Decorating Styles

Part 2 - Contemporary Interior Decorating Styles

Old World Style Decorating

A hybrid of older european styles which tends to emphasize grand structures, arches, and pillars. The look of the old world style is rich with deep colors and textured surfaces.

Gothic Style

Gothis style is a mixture of architectural and design trends from across europe in the 12th - 16th centuries. It is characterized most commonly by the arch and vault, a technical discovery which allowed for taller cielings. Other trends of this style include stained glass, and heavily religiouse themes.

Louis XIV (French)

A period of style marked by extreme ostentation and contrast.

Louis XV (French)

Delicate colors and forms were the premier halmark of this style. Colors were softer and more feminine, the furnishings were smaller and more delicate.

Louis XVI (French)

A period of style which was heavily influenced by classical greek styles. The main elements were simplicity and natural forms. Straight lines and classical order ruled the day in this period.

Adam Style (English)

Started by the adams brothers design team this style is marked by a classic roman feel. Rich distinctive colors and intricate designs were the hallmark of this age.

Chippendale and Rococo (English)

A masculine contrast to queen anne style, it is marked by large sizes, straight legs, and deep neutral colors.

Georgian (English)

An oversized and highly detailed style which was heavily influenced by classic greek design.

Queen Anne (English)

Generouse curves are the hallmark opf this feminione design style. Also noted for its use of oriental influences.


A guady period dominated by colors such as wine pink and eggplant. Nostalgic for gothic and roman classical periods, it featured rich and heavy contrasts and delicate textures.

Cinquecento (Italian High Rennaissance)

Design in this period was marked by a return to classical values, including richly painted murals, detailed carvings, intricate mouldings, murals, and stained glass. The predominant colors of this period were red and gold, with a prevalence of metallic and bejewled elements.

Colonial Gothic (American)

The first decorative style used in the United States it was heavily influenced by the european countries that the settlers had migrated from.

Federal Style (American)

Marked by clean and simple lines, this pracxtical style was heavily influenced by classic designs. Also influenced by american ideals of political equality, it shows a marked determination to make furnishings accessible and useful for the common person.


American flags, bald eagles, and any other american patriotic decorative style.

American Country

A casual style that features quilts, servicewares, and baskets as functional decorative accessories. Marked by a lack of pretence, it borrows heavily from european provincial styles.

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