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The lamps below are all made from real pieces of mountain born natural stone. The inherent translucent properties of these stones allows a light to be shone through the material, illuminating the stone from within, and translating a gentle, filtered glow to the room beyond.

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Square Onyx Lamps
8" X 4" X 4"

Retail Price 99.95 On Sale! 74.95

A stunning work of natural art, the surface of each and every once lamp we offer is painted by Mother Nature's brush, with a one of a kind landscape of multicolored hues. All of this is refined into a perfectly polished, solid onyx stone rectangle, which is the perfect decorative accessory for any setting.

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Pillar Onyx Lamps
8" X 4" X 4"

Retail Price 99.95 On Sale! 74.95

This beautiful polished onyx stone pillar rises up into the air, while all around it fanciful colors and hue dance merrily, trailing their unique patterns up and down in a visually rich, yet intricately subtle, display of natural artwork.

These decorative lamps are the perfect mood lighting element, as they translate a very gentle glow to a room, casting a stone filtered light that instantly transforms a space into a soft, intimate atmosphere.

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pillar onyx lamp

Pyramid Onyx Lamps
6" X 6" X 6"

Retail Price 99.95 On Sale! 74.95

A mystical pyramid of glowing amber hue, sends a soft illumination to the four corners of the room, bathing the atmosphere in its soothing glow.

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pyramid onyx lamps

Egg Shaped Onyx Lamps
6" X 4" X 4"

Retail Price 99.95 On Sale! 74.95

A brilliant egg shaped onyx lamp, rounded, then polished to smooth perfection. Its surface is a myriad of multi colors, swirling in unique patterns to create a visual array that is entirely one of a kind. This ensures that each lamp we sell is unique, and unlike any other that can be found in the entire world.

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egg onyx lamps

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps
6" X 4" X 4"

Retail Price 34.95 On Sale! 19.95

A gentle yet powerful glow emerges in the heart of the rock salt formation, spreading outwards dimensionally through the crystalline structure of the material, illuminating patterns and colors that were created over the course of millions of years. Aside from merely being an attractive ambient lighting piece, this lamp also has important health benefits, as when illuminated it will release negative ions which can strip dust, pollen, and mildew out of the air, creating a cleaner atmosphere in any space where it is used.

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