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Smooth Polished Natural Onyx
Imported Asian Material
Translucent and Multi-Colored

6" x 4" x 4"

A swirling dance of fire, a symphony of erupting colors, moving dimensionally through the unchanging surface of these polished onyx lamps. Multicoored waves crash against illuminated shores, all the while emitting a soft ambient light, which bathes the surrounding room in a warm and intimate glow.

These decorative lamps are imported from asian. Made from semi precious Onyx, the material has been polished to a smooth perfection, so that when you touch the surface the tactile sensation is a cool, perfect curve, that gentle slopes around the egg shaped body of the piece.

The perfect mood lighting whether your having a quiet evening on the couch, or an intimate dinner for
two. Let the soft glow of these attractive onyx lamps create the perfect atmosphere in your home.

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