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Polished Onyx Stone Material

Imported From Asia
Translucent Ambient Light
8" x 4" x 4"

Powerful bursts of amber and crimson wash back and forth across the never changing surface of these exotic stone lamps. Like an eternal flame, captured in a single moment which is drawn out for an eternity, a snapshot of glowing illumination, complete with its trailing tendrils and faded hues.

One of the best features of these lamps is that they are all made from the same type of natural onyx stone, and so all of the lamps share the same basic characteristics shown here. However the individual pieces of stone were each formed individually beneath the earth, and so they are all a little different in color, shade, and pattern. This ensures that every single onyx lamp we offer is a one of a kind, with its own unique stone personality that is unlike any other in the entire world.

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