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Our illuminated onyx stone tables are original PebbleArt designs. Utilizing the translucent properties of the onyx, and a bottom lit shadowbox, we have created a line of stone tables that can double as floor lamps, mood lights, or night lights. As the illumination passes through the onyx it becomes filtered by the stone, and picks up subtle hints of color which it then transfers to the surrounding room.

Our entire collection of Coffee Tables, Accent Tables, Bedside Tables, Night Tables, Table Lamps, and Occasional Tables, are available in your choice of onyx stone color, as well as in several customizable table options.

Illuminated Burst
4 Sided Onyx Stone Night Tables

slate cocktail tables

Translucent Jewlry Grade Onyx
Illuminates on 4 Sides
Available in a variety of onyx colors
Unique PebbleArt Original

Dimensions: 16" X 16" X 16"

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