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The Story of The Pebblez People

All of the pictures act as links to a Pebblez Person adoption center
The Pebblez People are members of the
Genus Magus Stonius species often known
as the Pebblez People species, in the Faerie

The earliest information we have on these
creatures comes from a cycle of stories that
have been preserved by the pebblez people
since the age of the dinosaurs. These
chronicle an ancient struggle between the
Pebblez  and an evil force known as, Chaos.

The sagas climax when the forces of chaos
call down a meteor to strike the planet. The
resulting destruction wipes out hundreds of
species of plants and animals, and cast a
cloud of dust into the air that blots out the
sun for a thousand years.

At this point the history of the pebblez people
becomes a puzzle, mixed together from
fragments of Pebblez political history, old
debate records, art work, pottery, songs and
even ancient poetry.

There are fragments, folk tales, and oral
traditions which document the pebblez
people's history over several millenia. As we
seek further historical evidence about these
people, a picture is beginning to emerge of
creatures who have always been there, in the
shadows, just out of sight. With more
advanced scientific methods, and a focused
exploration of the historical record, we are
learning more and more about these
fascinating creatures every day.

Since the seventies our two species have had
an exchange program in place. Certain rocks
that are interested in studying humans take an
extended place with a family. They make
wonderful "pets" and are relatively self

There is a program in place for humans who
want to be adopted into Pebblez people
societies as well although to this day not one
human has been found to participate in this