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Our entire line of stone products are hand made from the finest imported stone, and are all built based on original, PebbleArt designs. Every piece of stone we use has its own individual characteristics and feel, making it unlike any other in the world, and making every item we sell a one of a kind. Give a truly unique gift with the matching stone gift sets found below.

Million Year Old Fossil Decor
Matching Gift Sets
Fossil Stone Gift Sets
Made with real fossil stone, every fossil product we manufacture has a million year old fossilized impression right in its surface. The beauty of sandstone, with an ancient appeal.

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Illuminated Onyx Mood Lights Matching Gift Sets
illuminated night tables
Illuminated onyx mood lights will fill a room with a warm colorful glow, as the light passes through the onyx, carrying the color of the stone with it, and transmitting it to the surround.

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Novelty Stone Gift Sets
The Best Gifts Online
The Grown Up Pet Rocks
Novelties and toys, made with real stone by our PebbleZ Designers

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Matching Marble Gift Sets
Elegant Decor Gifts
Marble Gift Sets
The classic look of marble, an inspiration in homes for centuries.

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Matching Slate Gift Sets
Rustic Gift Sets
Slate Gift Sets
Available in a wide variety of colors and with the rustic feel of real stone, slate gifts are some of the best online.

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