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Bands of colorful mosaic stones sit in parallell rings around the outer edge of this table. These bands collapse in until they reach the centerpiece, a pineapple fruit shape which gives this piece a relaxed and laid back pose. Add a band of illuminated onyx to the outer edge for a truly unique expression.

(Continental US Only)

Indoor or Outdoor Use
Design Model - 1300
Pineapple Pattern Design
Multiple Porcelain Colors Arranged in a Mosaic Pattern
Made in the USA
Available in Various Sizes and Shapes (See Bottom Right)

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Handmade - ships in 3-4 weeks

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illuminated onyx tables

Add an Illuminated Onyx Stone Ring to your tables mosaic design for just a few dollars more

Pineapple Design 1300 With Illuminated Onyx Stone Ring

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Pineapple Mosaic Pattern 1300
pineapple mosaic tables

This mosaic table pattern available in the following shapes and sizes

24" Round, 30" Round, 36" Round, 42" Round, 48" Round, 48" Rounded Square, 54" Round, 60" Round, 24"X24" Square, 36"X36" Square, 42"X42" Square, 60"X60" Square, 76"X42" Oval, 84"X48" Oval, 84"X48" Rectangle

Custom Sizes and Designs
Available Upon Request

round stone tables
square stone tables
round square stone tables
rectangle stone tables
oval stone tables

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