Stone Coffee Tables
Beautiful hand made stone tables. Each piece of stone is hand picked
for its color and beauty. Due to the quarrying process no two stones will
ever look alike, making your table totally unique. Click on the pictures
for a closer look
Mexican Travertine
Hand made stone table

Height: 19"
Width: 12" X 12"
Shadow Depth: 10"

This is the honey stone table. With
a gentle yellow
stone that has a lot of character
Bright, beautiful, this stone will be
the perfect addition to your
decorating scheme. Each piece is
completely unique, making every
table one of a kind.

Just $59.95
Double Golden Side Table
Lighted Onyx Stone
With Shelf

Height: 20" Width: 12"X 25"
Shadow Depth: 10"

This is a double lighted onyx
table. Using the translucence of
onyx, a light has been set
underneath the table, that shines
through the stone filtering into
beautiful colors, and creating a
gentle glow in your room.
Just $149.95

Click here to choose what kind of
onyx you would like in your side
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Lighted Onyx Stone
Square Coffee Table

Height: 20"
Width: 12" X 12"
Shadow Depth: 8"

This beautiful lighted stone
coffee table is the perfect
addition to any living room.
The gentle glow that
permeates the translucent
stone gives off just enough
light to create an intimate
atmosphere, and its beautiful
design is elegant while
being utilitarian
Just $124.95

Click here to choose what
kind of onyx you would like
in your coffee table
Large Square Coffee Table
Lighted Onyx Stone

Height: 28"
Width: 50" X 25"
Shadow Depth: 10"

The next step in's
original lighted onyx tables, this
extra large coffee table really
demonstrates the full beauty of
lighted onyx. The size of the
onyx landscape  is stunning,
giving you a full scene. Now
you can finally see what the full
effect of lighted onyx is.

Click here to choose what kind
of onyx you would like in your
coffee table
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Stone Table
Coffee Stone Unfilled
Travertine of Turkey

Height: 19"
Width: 12" X 12"
The simple nature of this beautiful
stone, underlies its unique visage. This
is the perfect rustic home accessory,
fitting beautifully into your own decor.
Utilitarianism meets beauty, click the
pic and take a closer look.
Just 59.95
Stone Table
Oakwood Green
Indian Marble

Height: 19"
Width: 12" X 12"
This is an incredible stone full of
vibrant, beautiful greens, browns and
oranges. Its a woodland scene, but so
exciting you can almost see movement.
Bordered by a hand made, dark cherry
stained wooden table, this stone is
Just 59.95
Stone Table
Honey stone
Turkish Limestone

Height: 19"
Width: 12" X 12"
The surface of this stone is a map, or a
portrait, or a cloudy sky. Its anything you can
see. That is the great thing about stone, it
comes imported and it already has a picture in
it. The only thing you have to do, is look for it.
Click the picture and see
Just 59.95